Table for One: Tomoe Sushi

I set a goal of writing monthly but as over two months have passed since I last wrote that may have been ambitious. Over that period, I spent the better part of four weeks traveling to Thailand, which I absolutely need to write about…but not now. While I’m procrastinating that, here comes another solo dining experience.

On a whim stemming from a combination of being an unemployed person who loves scheduling activities and my general disappointment with the government at large, I submitted an application to work in New York’s general election. Last Thursday I received an email approving my application and directing me to attend training the next day near Greenwich Village.

After 3.5 hours of training and an open book test that taught me the most important aspect of being an election worker is literacy, I was starving. Thanks to climate change or whatever you call it if you don’t believe in science, it was a glorious 80 degrees and I decided to walk around the area before returning to midtown. I have lots of restaurants and bars on my to-do list starred on Google Maps and I noticed starred Tomoe Sushi wasn’t far.

Walking around Greenwich Village. Is there anywhere better than New York when the weather is perfect?
A trip to Japan this year gave me an expensive (in New York) sushi palate and unemployment has given me a non-expensive sushi budget. Tomoe Sushi is a low to mid-priced option but, like many other Japanese restaurants in New York, lunch offers lower prices for certain combinations.

Page of website-less Tomoe Sushi menu
I opted for the a la carte menu and ordered the toro scallion, shrimp tempura, and salmon scallion rolls. The fish portions were larger than most sushi places in New York and the quality was higher than your standard midtown sushi delivery.

Salmon scallion roll with shrimp tempura roll in the background
Toro scallion roll
Overall, the meal was a good value and I enjoyed it more than a recent lunch special experience at Sushi You in Midtown East. Does Tomoe Sushi dethrone Sushi Yasuda (also in Midtown East) as my best lunch deal in New York? No.

Tomoe Sushi Rundown
Taste: Above average for the price
Price: Lower end of average for portions
Solo Eater Accommodation: Excellent (bar seats available)

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